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Eddie Izzard appreciation post

a role-model for us all

i hate that he is both prettier and handsomer than I am./

I love this man with the ferocity of a million blazing suns



How was that sentence going to end? 

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When I first got to The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End I was convinced Rose was probably going to die (I blame this on watching Torchwood before DW), so when this happened I was so happy and kind of amused by how hard RTD must ship Rose and the Doctor for him to concoct a humanish version of the Doctor for her to take home with her. And it’s really the only way they could really be together in any canonical sense. Plus I love how open of an ending it is in terms of writing for them - sky’s the limit.

A bit of headcannon — I also prefer the episode as it is without the inclusion of the TARDIS coral because I think there’s a certain element of angst and drama that is inherent in that. Plus, in life there’s really no such thing as having it all and I feel like this ending works better, feels richer with the notion that they are stuck, but they’re stuck together and maybe that’s not so bad.  

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Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson